Workflow Manager

Morningstar’s Workflow Manager is an automated calculation engine. The tool–which allows risk manager and analysts to apply their own business logic to market and proprietary data–can perform a wide range of calculations, including simple logic and forward curves. The results can be seamlessly integrated into end systems or front-end applications.

A workflow is series of steps that allow a user to go from raw data inputs (market, broker or trader data) to data manipulation (formula) and finally system integration.

A few examples include:

Key Features

Intuitive Setup - Visually layout the flow of data, QA, calculations, notifications and publishing.

Quality Checks - Configure QA checks to meet specific business needs which can include dynamically calculated or absolute thresholds. QA Checks include day over day change, intra-month change, change compared to broker quotes and others.

Customizable Formula - Transform raw inputs into proprietary data points with the flexible calculation engine, the heart of the Workflow Manager. From simple basis additions to shaping hourly curves, all of the calculations can be saved to apply to other curves.

Scheduler - Take control of when every workflow starts.

Publisher - Save the data back to the system. As soon as publishing is complete, the data is available through Morningstar’s applications: Publisher, Add-in, Markets and APIs.

Permissions - Assign user roles as the owner of a workflow to review, edit, start, stop, or approve specific workflows if desired.

Notifications - Set up alerts to send emails when an action is needed in the workflow. Or set up custom messages, including status results.

Status Page - View the status of all your curves at a glance. Immediately understand the big picture of what is happening with your data in real-time. Displays percentage complete and alerts for each every one of your workflows in one screen.