Morningstar Commodity Add-In Templates

Commodity Add-In Templates allow analysts to immediately access complex spreadsheets with the Morningstar Add-In for Microsoft Excel®. The templates are pre-built spreadsheets for those analyzing the energy and commodity markets. Examples are market specific and include updating charts and data tables.

Data updates are handled through the Morningstar Add-In running on Morningstar's web services.

Please download the files to the desired directory before opening.
Opening the file without saving will launch in "Read Only" mode and will not function properly.

Morningstar Add-In Basic Functionality

U.S. Power Markets
Eastern Interconnect Dashboard (Optional) Download
CoT Ag Price Delta (Core) Download
Oil & Refined Products
Spread Histogram (Core) Download
Crude Overview (Core) Download
Natural Gas
Platts Gas Daily Report (Optional) Download
Seasonal Analysis (Core) Download
Curve Surface (Core) Download
Monthly Studies (Core) Download
Spread Builder (Core) Download

Morningstar Add-In Advanced Functionality

U.S. Power Markets
Spark Spread (Optional) Download
Power Spread (Optional) Download
Query Wizard (Optional) Download
Elements Overview (Optional) Download

Morningstar Add-In Upload Functionality

Default Download
Futures Download